Do you have a question about the Workshop?
If so, please contact the Technician leading the workshop or send us a message at

Workshop fully booked

You can put yourself on the waiting list.   If you are on the waiting list and the bookings are closed you do have the option to turn up on the day. If there is room, you will be able to attend. Please note this option does not guarantee you a place and is at the discretion of the workshop leader.

Booked onto a workshop but now unable to attend?

Please cancel your place as soon as you can so that someone else can take it. Please cancel at least 12 hours before the workshop takes place, otherwise you are stopping other students from attending.


If you are unable to attend please make sure you cancel before the 12 hour period. Details of how to cancel are in your booking email.

Booked a place?

This will be confirmed by email. Please check your Falmouth account. Please check the details to know what equipment you might need to bring.

Booked 2 workshops at the same time?

Please do take note of the warnings that will appear. If you are already booked into a workshop on a certain day and time and book another workshop – the warning will appear. Please make sure you cancel the workshop you do not want to attend, otherwise you will be stopping other students from attending and you will be marked as absent from one of those bookings as you cannot attend 2 at the same time which could lead to a ban on future workshops.

Forgotten your workshop?

Why not add the event to your calendar. When you book into the event, you will receive an email with the event attached. Open the attachment, add it to your calendar. Don’t forgot to sync your calendars as the event will be added to your outlook calendar.