Falmouth University - Workshops Festival

Falmouth University is proud to throw open the doors to our students to its world-class facilities

2023 Dates: TBC




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…you can check out the Shared Content which you may find useful to explore in your own time at your own pace

And Wednesday Open Workshops are open with scheduled workshops starting from 5 October.
Check it all out on the Learning Space module – WOW!

Hi, I’m Emily. I do Photography.

Hi, I’m Freya. I am a second year Textile Design student

And what workshop have you done today?

The Lino Cutting for Beginners.

It’s just a really hands on way with the teacher explaining how to do it and then you get let loose to do whatever you want with it.

It’s another good way to explore the other campus because I am up at Penryn, so it is really good to see all the facilities down here and try new skills that we don’t get taught on our course which is really good.

It’s a different process that I have never used before and a different process that not many students on my course have also used so it might put me above some of the other ones with my processes and skills and it’s another skill that I can leave University with to put into industry and things like that.

It’s a nice interaction between the different subjects as well so you get to know the course leaders and the Techs and if you need to come back, then it’s a good connection to have.

Well I mean I want to be some form of artist so it’s just a different technique to add to what I might do in the future.

Yes, same. I want to be a designer. So anything that can help me with that and a different skill that is a little bit different will really help push my work.

It’s a really good way to have a time and a place to actually come and try it, rather than try and do it by yourself – make the connection yourself. It’s just an easier way.

They provide the materials for you, so it’s free so there is really nothing to stop you and when the courses are finished for the summer, it helps to keep your creativity going when you are not really doing anything. It’s really good.

You should sign up, do it.

Even if there isn’t any space, join the waiting list and try as many things. There is no stopping you really.

I’m Helena. I’m a final year Textile Design and I’ve just done the base metals and silver soldering workshop.

It was great. I had a really good time trying loads of things out, trying different techniques, things that I haven’t done before and just overall a really good experience.

Metal work, cutting things, printing things, messing around with wire, and this and that, is really quite cool.

It’s given me a wider opportunity to think about what I might be able to do when I graduate.

I used to do a lot of jewellery making so infact it has brought back a passion that I thought I wouldn’t do anymore. So it has given me the opportunity to think about that but also to include it into my textile design practice as well.

The Workshops Festival I feel is a really good idea. I am up at the Penryn campus, I’m there, I’m based there so I don’t get the opportunity to come down here and physically come into the workshops and try things out and having this gives you the opportunity to do that and feel more confident to come down and expand your ideas and things that you might want to do within your course.

Book on as soon as possible. Even if you don’t think, you know you haven’t done it before, you are a bit concerned about trying something new, it’s a really good idea and it gives you a lot more confidence.

My name is Alicia Breakspear and I’m a second year Marine and Natural History Photography student here at the Penryn campus and today I’m doing the Indigo Tie Dye Workshop.

I’ve had a really great time today. I’ve met loads of cool people and like minded people who want to get to know more about crafts. It’s all round been good fun.  I think because I do photography I’m very much involved in technology and I don’t really get chance to explore the arts as I would like to, so it’s great to have the balance between the 21st Century technology and the old crafts like this Japanese craft.

Coming from an art and design background I have always had a love for craftmanship and I think you just need to embrace the arts and any chance you get to relax and be with like minded people and do some art.

It’s a really great opportunity to spread myself around campus in terms of figuring out, so I am doing a bookbinding workshop, this Indigo tye dying workshop.  These are 2 things that I’ve always wanted to do and Falmouth has made that possible by putting on these workshops and especially the fact that they are free, so you don’t even have to worry about financing.    It’s really great and you get lots of materials.  The groups are also quite small to work with so you are not competing against other people for materials, which is great.

I had a great idea, which I was discussing earlier with a friend, and we came up with an idea for an Exhibition after the Workshops Festival.  So it would be a really great idea to host an Exhibition somewhere on campus where we could show our work and what we have done over the past couple of weeks.